Anti-Scald Safety Plug

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Every year, hundreds of people suffer severe injuries from being scalded by bath water that is too hot. According to the Government Health and Safety Executive, the risk is particularly great to the elderly, the infirm or those with sensory loss. The elderly and infirm are also less likely to be able to recover from such injuries.

The Anti-Scald Safety Plug has been designed in an attempt to help prevent these accidents from happening. It provides invaluable reassurance as to the safety of a bath or basin of water, is very simple to use and is very effective.

Anti-Scald Safety Plug - Useful For
Any adult or older child Carers
Particularly useful for the elderly or infirm People with inhibited sensory perception e.g. Multiple Sclerosis sufferers
Nursing Homes Hospitals
Residential Homes Public Buildings
Anti-Scald Safety Plug - How it Works
Anti-Scald Safety Plug visual indicator
At water temperatures above 50C there is a risk of scalding, a risk that increases with temperature. The Anti-Scald Safety Plug is designed to alert the user should the water temperature of the bath or basin of water they are running begin to approach that danger point.

At 42C the plug begins to change colour from black to yellow, turning increasingly yellow the hotter the water becomes. This lets the user know that although the water temperature is becoming warm to hot, it is still perfectly safe. Simultaneously, the word 'HOT' becomes increasingly visible on the plug surface. If a vivid yellow colour is displayed, the plug is indicating a temperature of 47C has been reached or exceeded and that extreme caution should be exercised.

For even greater peace of mind, a fail-safe feature ensures 100% accuracy and guarantees against incorrect readings.

Anti-Scald Safety Plug - Technical Specification
The plug is designed for older children and adults.
It is available in two sizes, 45mm (1 ") for baths and 38mm (1 ") for basins.
The plug is manufactured from environmentally friendly, non-toxic material.
Provided it is looked after according to the instructions, it has an infinite lifetime.
It is sensitive to ultra violet light and therefore should not be left exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
In the event that the plug becomes damaged through prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, it will permanently revert to its warning yellow colour. This clearly lets the user know that there is a problem and that the plug is unusable.
The plug does not require batteries and has no moving parts.
The plug has been extensively tested and approved by consumer magazine Which? and Trading Standards.
When running a bath, always run three or four centimetres of cold water first. This is recommended for extra safety, has the benefit of minimising condensation in the bathroom and also allows the plug to work most effectively.

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