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The Anti-Scald plug provides simple, inexpensive and completely reliable protection against the serious, sometimes fatal scald injuries suffered by hundreds of people every year.

The plug is manufactured from heat sensitive plastic which changes colour when a bath or basin of water is too hot for safe use. Simultaneously, the word 'HOT' becomes visible on the plug surface.

Bulk Hardware Ltd - The Anti-Scald Baby Plug Bulk Hardware Ltd - The Anti-Scald Safety Plug
There are two versions available, the Anti-Scald Safety Plug for adults and older children, and the Anti-Scald Baby Plug for babies and young children. The difference between the two, other than their appearance, is that the Baby plug changes to its warning colour at a cooler temperature than the Safety plug, to allow for a baby's intolerance to hot water.

Both the plug types are available in two sizes, 45mm (1 ") for baths and 38mm (1 ") for basins.

A fail-safe feature ensures 100% accuracy and guarantees against incorrect readings.

The plugs, which have been tested and approved both by consumer magazine Which? and Trading Standards, have an infinite lifetime provided they are looked after in accordance with the instructions.

We wish to thank The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and The Royal College of Midwives for the advice and information they provided during the development of this product.

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